Vitamin Skin Cream Testimonials


"What a wonderful alternative to sunscreen. I'm terrified of all the ingredients in Sunblocks these days, and see signs at all the beaches banning them when I am at my property in Maui. Thank you so much for making a Cream I know I can trust, and is good for both environment and my skin. You are winning Cloud Vitamin Cream. I can't wait to tell everyone I know!" - Maureen - March 2023

"I've been using the 3 Cloud Creams for over 4 months now and as a mature 60 plus woman I have to say I'm very impressed. I think I'm average in terms of skin condition, yet after using these creams my face and neck are showing improvement.  I use such a small amount of cream each time but the results are impressive.  I'll continue to use and would recommend Cloud Creams for women with both young and mature skin." - May 2023

"Revolutionary. That's all." - Margaret P - Feb 2023

"I have extremely sensitive skin, and haven't been able to wear cream or makeup for decades. This is the first retinol product I've ever been able to use, and it's made a remarkable difference with my skin." Pat - March 2022

"I have been using Cloud Vitamin A cream for a couple of years. A small amount on a wet face in the morning. I swear by this stuff. Using Cloud cream on a daily basis has helped my skin become more smooth and wrinkle free." Jenn - 2022

"I have been using Cloud-Vitamin A cream for a number of years now. I apply it twice daily to the spots on my head and face that were most impacted by UV damage when I was growing up. I wish I knew then what I know now. Fortunately, Vitamin A cream is helping mitigate that damage and helping my skin retain some vitality. I'm very grateful for this product!" John - Edmonton AB

"I have no hesitation to recommend this product to others." Ellie M

"My skin is delighted! it feels deeply moisturized and that freshness has a more youthful appearance. I have noticed a big difference in a couple of months. I look forward to seeing what years of use will bring! Knowing it is all natural is an added bonus." Shannon T.

"Thank you so much for recommending these 2 creams for me. At first, as you may recall, I was apprehensive because of my allergies which is why I have been unable to use makeup, creams or even sunscreen, and is the reason why I was in the unfortunate position to need your help in the first place. 
You said it would take 3 months to see results but from the beginning my skin felt wonderful and now after only 2 months it also looks much better. I would highly recommend your products to others which I have already done with friends and neighbours. It feels like my skin is being replenished after many years of neglect. 
Again, I thank you" J.C 

"I am an 81 year old female who has been using Dr. Telford's creams for 9 years. I am thrilled my skin has improved so much that people often question my age and asking what am I using on my face."

"I have been using Retinyl Palmitate since my first visit with Dr. Telford. I immediately noticed a difference in how healthy my skin felt. Within days my wife noticed how healthy my skin looked. Now she also applies it daily. // J.M."

"Everyone says my skin is so beautiful - the tone, the pore size, the texture. I have used Dr. Telford's Vitamin A/E and Vitamin C/E for 15 years. I am so delighted with my skin and the compliments! And, I am 61 years old."

"I am very happy with this product. My skin looks the best ever since I started using it. I notice a difference in the tone (smoothness)."

"This product is absolutely wonderful. It's lovely, makes your skin feel fresh and make-up applied after goes on much more easily. I am absolutely sold on Cloud."



"Soooo amazing....I had a large pimple and after removing the white area, I put the pink Cloud Vitamin Cream on it and went to bed. By morning, all evidence of the pimple was gone. I was shocked! I use all three Cloud Vitamin Cream products, and love them all. Highly recommended!" - Linda M - AB + AZ - Jan 2024

"I'm a Stone Mason who lives on Vancouver Island. I've had trouble with my skin for years, particularly with my elbows & knees due to the concrete used in my work. My skin was dry & cracked, and it was very painful. Vitamin B3 solved ALL my skin issues. Thank you Cloud Vitamin Cream! I'm grateful beyond measure." SL - Nov 2023

"Best overall skin Cream I've ever used. Feels great, and has helped me with all of my skin concerns." Holly M - March 2023

“I was recommended Cloud cream by my dermatologist in London, England, Dr David Harris. He is one of the best! He swears by it and I have been using it now for the last five years. It is incredibly easy to apply and there is no question that it gives an almost immediate improvement in how my skin looks and feels. “ Chris B - Dec 2022

"Niacinamide cured my blepharitis (dry, itchy, irritated eylids)! I've been struggling with this problem for 25+ years, and this is the first product/ONLY product that has worked. Such a game changer in my life. Truly." AP - Nov 2022

“I have been using the Cloud Vitamin B3 Niacinimide cream for dry and sensitive skin for a number of years now, following a recommendation from a dermatologist, due to the benefits vitamin B3 can potentially provide from its anti-inflammatory properties. I find the cream to be both soothing and nourishing and am very pleased with the results”. Mr LP - MAY 2022

"Just a quick note to let you know that I am very pleased with the Niacinamide Cream. I have been applying it twice daily since the beginning of January, 2016. I have noticed both a decrease in the redness of my skin and also a smoother, softer feel to my skin. The really nice thing is that others have noticed and asked what I'm doing differently." B.D

"I started using Cloud Vitamin B approximately 3 years ago. I find it to be very soothing to the skin and it reduces redness."

"Thank you for your care. Since using your "CLOUD" products my skin has improved so much. I will continue to use them as my skin is smoother and tighter. M.C

"Dr. Telford suggested Niacinimide cream for dryness. It's a fantastic cream which feels great on skin and it lasts throughout the day. I've experienced dry skin most of my life and the discovery of this cream was a real bonus! Great skin cream." - Joan

"Niacinimde - It was suggested that it might improve my overall skin condition. It does." - Richard M

"I love Niacinimide cream. It makes my skin feel wonderful." - Natasha

"I have been on the cream 2 years and have found a great difference in the amount of spots on face, hands, and legs. // F.W."



 "The only Cream that keeps my skin hydrated properly in very dry Alberta Canada. I moved from the East Coast, and this cream has saved my skin. Thank you! - Paul K - Jan 2024

"The most hydrating Cream I've ever used. Very few know that Hyaluronic Acid is not absorbable unless it's 50KDA. I learned that when I bought Cloud Vitamin Creams at Pharmasave. Great knowledge, fabulous product, and a dedicated Team." - Dec 2023

"I am from Europe,  I got to know those creams during a visit in Canada and am using them ever since, really loving this consistence. I order them & have them shipped overseas every few months." Ilse K - Jan 2023

"I love your Cloud Vitamin D3 Cream. I have used it for many years and I find it does not irritate my sensitive skin."- Diana N - Nov 2021