"I have been using Cloud Vitamin A cream for a couple of years. A small amount on a wet face in the morning. I swear by this stuff. Using Cloud cream on a daily basis has helped my skin become more smooth and wrinkle free."

"I have no hesitation to recommend this product to others." Ellie M

"My skin is delighted! it feels deeply moisturized and that freshness has a more youthful appearance. I have noticed a big difference in a couple of months. I look forward to seeing what years of use will bring! Knowing it is all natural is an added bonus." Shannon T.

"Thank you so much for recommending these 2 creams for me. At first, as you may recall, I was apprehensive because of my allergies which is why I have been unable to use makeup, creams or even sunscreen, and is the reason why I was in the unfortunate position to need your help in the first place. 
You said it would take 3 months to see results but from the beginning my skin felt wonderful and now after only 2 months it also looks much better. I would highly recommend your products to others which I have already done with friends and neighbours. It feels like my skin is being replenished after many years of neglect. 
Again, I thank you" J.C 

"I am an 81 year old female who has been using Dr. Telford's creams for 9 years. I am thrilled my skin has improved so much that people often question my age and asking what am I using on my face."

"I have been using Retinyl Palmitate since my first visit with Dr. Telford. I immediately noticed a difference in how healthy my skin felt. Within days my wife noticed how healthy my skin looked. Now she also applies it daily. // J.M."

"Everyone says my skin is so beautiful - the tone, the pore size, the texture. I have used Dr. Telford's Vitamin A/E and Vitamin C/E for 15 years. I am so delighted with my skin and the compliments! And, I am 61 years old."

"I am very happy with this product. My skin looks the best ever since I started using it. I notice a difference in the tone (smoothness)."

"This product is absolutely wonderful. It's lovely, makes your skin feel fresh and make-up applied after goes on much more easily. I am absolutely sold on Cloud."





"Just a quick note to let you know that I am very pleased with the Niacinamide Cream. I have been applying it twice daily since the beginning of January, 2016. I have noticed both a decrease in the redness of my skin and also a smoother, softer feel to my skin. The really nice thing is that others have noticed and asked what I'm doing differently." B.D

"I started using Cloud Vitamin B approximately 3 years ago. I find it to be very soothing to the skin and it reduces redness."

"Thank you for your care. Since using your "CLOUD" products my skin has improved so much. I will continue to use them as my skin is smoother and tighter. M.C

"Dr. Telford suggested Niacinimide cream for dryness. It's a fantastic cream which feels great on skin and it lasts throughout the day. I've experienced dry skin most of my life and the discovery of this cream was a real bonus! Great skin cream."

"Niacinimde - It was suggested that it might improve my overall skin condition. It does."

"I love Niacinimide cream. It makes my skin feel wonderful."

"I have been on the cream 2 years and have found a great difference in the amount of spots on face, hands, and legs. // F.W."