I have been using Cloud Vitamin A cream for a couple of years.  A small amount on a wet face in the morning.  I swear by this stuff.  I have had problems with basil cells, sun spots etc for many years.Using Cloud cream on a daily basis has helped my skin become more smooth and wrinkle free.

I have no hesitation to recommend this product to others." Ellie M

"About two years ago I had a carcinoma removed.  Since then I have been very careful to ensure that any bumps or spots that arise are seen by a dermatologist.  In the course of my follow up I began using cloud creams.  My skin is delighted!  It feels deeply moisturized and that freshness has a more youthful appearance.  I know I am healing my skin and the best part is, my face looks healthier and brighter.  I have noticed a big difference in a couple of months.  I look forward to seeing what years of use will bring! Knowing it is all natural is an added bonus"   Shannon T

"Thank you so much for prescribing these 2 creams for me. At first, as you may recall, I was apprehensive because of my allergies which is why I have been unable to use makeup, creams or even sunscreen, and is the reason why I was in the unfortunate position to need your help in the first place. 
You said it would take 3 months to see results but from the beginning my skin felt wonderful and now after only 2 months it also looks much better. I would highly recommend your products to others which I have already done with friends and neighbours. It feels like my skin is being replenished after many years of neglect. 
Again, I thank you" J.C 

"I am an 81 year old female who has been using Dr. Telford's creams for 9 years. I am thrilled my skin has improved so much that people often question my age and asking what am I using on my face."

"As my patients already know, I am a passionate supporter of maintaining skin health. One of my jobs as the lead medical doctor in SIMA, is to keep my eyes open for new developments in skin care. I am thrilled to announce that I have found one of the most exciting new creams to come to market. SIMA is pleased to announce their association with Cloud vitamin creams, a line of creams developed and produced by well known Victoria dermatologist, Dr. Gordon Telford." Dr. Heather Carins

"The product (Vitamin A) has made a difference to areas that were exposed to a lot of sun and damaged. People close to me have noticed a big difference."

"I have been using Retinyl Palmitate since my first visit with Dr. Telford. I immediately noticed a difference in how healthy my skin felt. Within days my wife noticed how healthy my skin looked. Now she also applies it daily. // J.M."

"Applying the cream has made my sun damaged skin better."

"Everyone says my skin is so beautiful - the tone, the pore size, the texture. I have used Dr. Telford's Vitamin A/E and Vitamin C/E for 15 years. I am so delighted with my skin and the compliments! And, I am 61 years old."

"During the past 65 years I have spent long hours tanning in the sun. I wasn't able to find a sunblock product which offered protection and an even tan free of peeling skin. So I did not use a sunblock. Dr. Telford suggested that I try a retinyl palmitate based product. I have used this product for the past 14 months as a sunscreen and as a moisturizer. The sun exposure had also caused large rough patches on my forehead. If my cheeks burn, a small amount of the ointment applied to the sun burnt area at night results in a normal appearance with no significant peeling and an even tan by the following day. With daily use of the ointment the patches of rough skin on my forehead have almost disappeared. My skin is healthier than it has been for many years. // R.N."

"I am very happy with this product. My skin looks the best ever since I started using it. I notice a difference in the tone (smoothness) and a reduction in basal carcinoma."

"This product is absolutely wonderful. It's lovely, makes your skin feel fresh and make-up applied after goes on much more easily. I am absolutely sold on Cloud."

"Just wanted to let you know that I'm really happy with your products! My face has not had such even toned for a long time, I have mild to moderate rosacea - my red areas have diminished significantly or disappeared! And the small blackheads (congested pores) that I have had on my nose for as long as I can remember are gone! I wish I had taken a before picture. The sun screen also works as advertized, I can see a lot less sun brown spots everywhere I've used it."





"Just a quick note to let you know that I am very pleased with the Niacinamide Cream. I have been applying it twice daily since the beginning of January, 2016. I have noticed both a decrease in the redness of my skin and also a smoother, softer feel to my skin. The really nice thing is that others have noticed and asked what I'm doing differently." B.D

"I started using Cloud Vitamin B approximately 3 years ago. I find it to be very soothing to the skin and it reduces redness."

"Thank you for your care. Since using your "CLOUD" products my skin has improved so much. I will continue to use them as my skin is smoother and tighter. M.C

"Dr. Telford suggested Niacinimide cream for dryness associated with Accutane which I'm taking for Rosacea. It's a fantastic cream which feels great on skin and it lasts throughout the day. I've experienced dry skin most of my life and the discovery of this cream was a real bonus! Great skin cream."

"Niacinimde - It was suggested that it might improve my overall skin condition. It does."

"I love Niacinimide cream. It makes my skin feel wonderful."

"I have been on the cream 2 years and have found a great difference in the amount of spots on face, hands, and legs. // F.W."

"It made such a difference in the healing and redness and easy to apply. (smells nice too)"

"I was on very strong steroids for my eczema. Dr. Telford suggested a Vitamin B cream and it works wonderfully. My skin doesn't itch anymore. It is smooth and clear and I have not had to apply that nasty steroid cream." C.H.