Stretch marks mean that the skin grew so fast that it literally pulls itself apart. This often occurs in pregnancy, rapid growth in teenagers, and when you first take on a new sport that creates rapid muscle growth. They typically occur in the areas in which the growth is occurring. the abdomen in pregnancy, the back in a growing teen, and are often thin white patches occurring in lines. Once they are there, they are there forever.

What can Cloud Vitamin Cream do – fortunately there are treatments which can significantly improve the appearance of stretch marks.

Topical Cloud Vitamin A (retinyl palmitate) stimulates the growth of collagen type 1 which is missing as a result of the stretch. It is used once a day on wet skin.

In the way Cloud Vitamin C and Cloud Vitamin E each grow collagen to treat stretch marks. The process of treatment is long, ie. Over 1 to 2 years but usually by 6 to 12 weeks people notice that when they run their hands over the stretchmark itself it doesn’t feel as thin. These treatments also improve the pigmentation.

While significant improvement is achievable, it is important to remember that no treatment ever cures a stretchmark.

Remember one thing, other people in your life don’t notice your stretchmarks nearly as much as you think they do.