Preventing Vitamin A Deficiency in the Skin

Vitamin A serves an essential function for the skin, as it is a key ingredient for cell renewal. Skin that lacks sufficient amounts of Vitamin A can be caused by dietary deficiencies, exposure to UV rays, free radical damage and chronological ageing.
May 21, 2015 by Cathy Mohr

Dr. Barry Lycka on Cloud's new approach to skin care

Dr. Barry Lycka is a true leader in the world of cosmetic surgery, skin cancer treatment and Mohs surgery, dermatology and skin health. He continues to embrace the latest technology as it advances and improves every single year. With 20-plus years in the industry, Dr. Lycka has become world-renowned for his teaching, training and mentoring of other doctors all around the globe.

His commitment to sharing his knowledge and experience is evident by the many memberships he holds in a number of industry related associations.

Dr. Barry Lycka has been successfully carrying Cloud Vitamin Creams in his practice for the past 1 1/2 years. Here's what he had to say about Cloud Vitamin Cream in his exclusive newsletter. 

// May 2014 Edition //

Reverse the signs of aging.

Have you been looking to reverse the signs of aging caused by sun damage? Maybe you want to smooth the surface of your skin or permanently reduce brown spots? We’ve got good news! Once you try Cloud Retinyl Palmitate, a new vitamin A cream developed in Canadian labs, it will become your new best friend! It protects your skin from the sun’s harmful rays in a way that sunscreen can’t. This is a cream, not a sun block product. It should be used at night, and you must still use your conventional sunscreen in the morning. The vitamin A is absorbed in your skin and neutralizes and prevents the injuries constantly inflicted by sun, smoke and pollution – for up to 17 days! In fact Cloud Vitamin Cream protects against 93% of the spectrum that sunscreens don’t cover.

// August 2014 Edition //


CTV (Canadian TV) examines the health benefits of one of our favourite new products!
The average sunscreen blocks only 7% of the sun’s harmful rays. Cloud Vitamin A Cream blocks the other 93%. Dr. Gordon Telford, the doctor behind this brand new cream was recently featured on CTV Vancouver. Dr. Telford explains that not only does this cream work with your sunscreen to block the sun’s harmful rays, it can also help prevent skin cancer and reverse signs of aging!

// November 2014 Edition //


Make sure your loved ones are protected and help them benefit from the amazing results we are seeing with over 1000 patients now using this product. CLOUD will not only protect your skin, but will actually help to reverse the signs of aging and sun damage. If you haven’t tried CLOUD yet, or you haven’t shared this awesome product with your family and friends – this will be a great gift or stocking stuffer this year!


// January 2015 Edition //

How to heal your skin using Retinyl Palmitate

In the most recent episode of, Dr. Lycka talks about a new product that was introduced at the office just nine months ago and has been flying off the shelves ever since! Hundreds of patients are in love with CLOUD, a vitamin A cream that penetrates right down to the cells to heal your skin. In the past nine months we have been seeing fewer skin cancers and terrific healing of the skin – we couldn’t be happier with the results! Even Dr. Lycka uses this product, and if that testimonial doesn’t convince you, nothing will!

// April 2015 Edition //

Rebuild Your Dry, Troubled Skin with Vitamin B3 A Brand New Vitamin Cream from CLOUD

n a punishing climate like ours, conditions such as dry skin, rosacea, eczema and psoriasis are all too common. Thanks to a brand new product from Cloud, skin sufferers can consider those conditions a thing of the past! Cloud Vitamin B3 allows your skin to regenerate by synthesizing super-vitamin B3 in a high absorbable topical treatment. 

May 15, 2015 by Troy Moth


"Acne rosacea is a hereditary condition characterized by flushing and blushing, typically of the central face, persistent central facial redness and progressive nasal thickening."

"Of interest, topical niacinamide is often effective in facial eczema.  Many people find that they like the niacinamide cream enough that they want to stay on it forever."
February 20, 2015 by Cathy Mohr

Vitamin D and Difficulties with Absorption From the Sun

Vitamin D has positive effects on many systems of the body. In addition to helping with bone formation and strength, it has also been shown to improve the body’s immune function, prevent obesity and prevent a variety of diseases and disorders. Most people think that adequate amounts of vitamin D can be obtained from sun exposure. However, recent studies show that absorbing vitamin D from the sun through the skin is more challenging than previously thought.
April 19, 2014 by Cathy Mohr


You can’t argue with Science! Science Daily has published an article stating that “Vitamin A Helps Reduce Wrinkles Associated With Natural Skin Aging”.

“The wrinkles and brown spots associated with aging appear first and most prominently on skin exposed to the sun, according to background information in the article. “Human skin not exposed to the sun also ages but less dramatically,” the authors write. “In intrinsic, natural or chronological aging, skin loses its youthful appearance by becoming thinner, laxer and more finely wrinkled. These changes are readily appreciated by inspecting the upper inner arm.” Thinner skin results from a reduced production of the protein collagen and may slow wound healing, presenting a public health issue. “Safe and effective therapies to reverse the atrophy of natural skin aging do not exist currently,” the authors note.”

Read the full article over on Science Daily.