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As my patients already know, I am a passionate supporter of maintaining skin health. One of my jobs as the lead medical doctor in SIMA, is to keep my eyes open for new developments in skin care. I am thrilled to announce that I have found one of the most exciting new creams to come to market. SIMA is pleased to announce their association with Cloud vitamin creams, a line of creams developed and produced by well known Victoria dermatologist, Dr. Gordon Telford.

Cloud vitamin A cream uses the power of retinyl palmitate to protect AND correct ionizing skin damage. Exposure to sunshine, to pollution, and to nicotine smoke causes the release of free radicals in the skin. Think of free radicals as the "smoking guns" that lead to cell damage and cell death. We have known about the benefits of topical vitamin A for many years and many of my patients are already using the vitamin A acid cream form of this cream. The downside of the vitamin A acid cream is that it increases sun sensitivity (ie you sunburn more easily) plus it can be very drying. Many people cannot tolerate the drying effect. (My skin does not tolerate the vitamin A acid cream even in the lowest doses.) Cloud vitamin A with retinyl palmitate does NOT cause increased sun sensitivity and does not cause the drying and redness of the vitamin A acid cream. I have personally been using the Cloud vitamin A cream for the past month and have had none of the drying and redness which I experience using the vitamin A acid form of the cream.

The retinoyl palmitate in the Cloud cream incorporates into the structure of the skin cell and forms a natural sun protective barrier blocking up to 93% of the ionizing radiation from the sun. Furthermore, this effect is virtually waterproof and the sun protecting effect lasts up to 17 days. There are no PABA or parabens contained in the cream. Sounds like a near perfect sun block to me!

But, the Cloud vitamin A cream goes on to do much more than just protect the skin from ionizing radiation! Recent studies have shown that vitamin A can REVERSE the sun induced aging effects. I have been prescribing this cream to my patients who have actinic keratoses (early skin cancers) because of this exact effect. Many of the very early changes which could lead to actinic keratoses and to skin cancers are invisible to the naked eye, however, the Cloud vitamin A cream helps to reverse these changes before progression occurs. Along with this wonderful effect, there are also great cosmetic effects. Vitamin A helps increase collagen in the skin which reduces fine lines and wrinkling and tightens the skin. There is also a reduction in the sun induced brown spots which can occur.

Sounds like a perfect cream to me! If this interests you, please come in and talk to us about starting on Cloud Vitamin A cream.

Dr. Heather Cairns // South Island Medical Services
March 11, 2015 by Troy Moth
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